Iovance Cell Therapy Center (iCTC)

The Iovance Cell Therapy Center (iCTC), located in the heart of Cellicon Valley at the Navy Yard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is the first centralized, scalable, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility dedicated to producing potentially life-saving TIL cell therapies for patients with solid tumor cancers. With approximately 136,000 square feet of space, the iCTC is among the largest cell therapy manufacturing facilities today. The iCTC is currently supplying Iovance clinical studies, and commercial manufacturing is expected to begin after initial product approval. The current capacity is expected to meet the demand for thousands of patients per year with multiple types of cancers. The flexible design can also accommodate new cancer indications as well as next generation TIL products and manufacturing processes.

iCTC Location

The iCTC is part of a rich ecosystem within Philadelphia, the birthplace of cell and gene therapies, the home of leading academic institutions active in cell and gene therapy research, and the emerging hub for innovative biotechnology companies as well as contract development and manufacturing organizations. The proximity to Philadelphia International Airport, and surrounding Newark Liberty, Baltimore-Washington Thurgood Marshall, and John F. Kennedy International Airports, allows Iovance to provide TIL cell therapies for rapid delivery to patients.

Iovance Streamlined 22-Day GMP Manufacturing Process

Patient Intake
Tumor Sample
TIL Infusion
IL-2 Infusions
Recovery / Discharge
Patient IntakeTumor Sample Procurement iconNMA-LD iconTIL Infusion iconIL-2 Infusions iconRecovery / Discharge
TIL diagram

Gen 2 Process: 22 Days

TIL product is now being manufactured for each individual patient at the iCTC facility. Once patient tumor samples are received at iCTC, the TIL cell therapies are manufactured using our Gen 2 process. Upon completion, we cryogenically freeze the TIL cells to enable shipment to treatment centers and to offer flexible scheduling for physicians and patients. Prior to receiving one-time therapy with their TIL cells, patients undergo a conditioning regimen with non-myeloablative lymphodepletion to clear out the hostile microenvironment of the tumor and prepare the body to take up the TIL cells. After the TIL cells are infused, a short course of IL-2 follows, not as a therapeutic intervention but to help TILs proliferate in the body. Throughout the TIL treatment journey, Iovance is committed to providing individualized support for patients and physicians for a personalized therapy through IovanceCares™, a proprietary system that will allow communication and coordination with health care providers.