Designed for high-volume manufacturing and flexibility

At 136,000 sq ft, the iCTC is among the largest cell therapy manufacturing facilities in existence. It currently supplies investigational TIL therapy for Iovance clinical trials; commercial manufacturing will begin after initial product approval.

The current capacity of iCTC is expected to meet the demand for thousands of patients per year with multiple types of cancer. The flexible design can also accommodate new cancer tumor types, as well as next-generation TIL products and manufacturing processes.

A vibrant hub of cell therapy innovation

iCTC is strategically located in Pennsylvania—the birthplace of cell and gene therapies and the home of leading academic institutions active in research. It is also the emerging hub for innovative biotechnology companies and contract development and manufacturing organizations.

The proximity of iCTC to multiple airports facilitates delivery of TIL therapies to treatment centers. The iCTC is expected to completely cover logistics and delivery of TIL therapy in both North America and Europe.


Key highlights

  • Core suites optimized for high-volume manufacturing (Gen 2 and Gen 3 processes)
  • Flexible suites support a growing pipeline
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified
  • Integrated quality control, supply chain and IT systems
  • Tax savings under Pennsylvania’s Keystone Opportunity Improvement Zone (KOIZ)
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