Iovance TIL Technology

Iovance IP Leadership Within T-cell Based Immunotherapy

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Iovance IP Portfolio Summary:

  • >40 granted or allowed US and international patents
  • Compositions of matter for TIL products
  • Methods of treatment in a broad range of cancers
  • Manufacturing processes
  • >700 patents and applications worldwide, including major pharmaceutical markets

We established our leadership within T cell-based immunotherapy by building and augmenting the patent rights for our proprietary tumor infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) technology platform—developed internally and licensed from third parties.

Tumor Sample
TIL Infusion
IL-2 Infusions
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Proprietary manufacturing processes and expansion methods for TIL from:

  • Tumor
  • Marrow infiltrating lymphocytes
  • Peripheral blood lymphocytes
  • Frozen tumor technologies
  • Remnant TIL and digest processes
  • Combination of TIL and ICIs including PD-1 antibodies
  • Methods of treating patient subpopulations
  • IL-2 variants and regimens
TIL diagram

TIL products and compositions: Gen 2, Gen 3, use of co-stimulatory molecules, selection of TIL, stable and transient genetic modifications, cryopreservation